Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor
2 Simon Lake Drive
Atlantic Highlands, NJ  07716
Please call (732) 872-9231 for the latest information
For recent catch photos and fishing reports: Sea Tiger II Fishing Report


2013 Fares & Schedule

All fares and additional charges CASH ONLY please

Half Day (March - Mid October)

2 Daily Trips: 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Seniors (over 65)
Kids (11 & under)

Three Quarter Day (Mid October - Late December / Early January)

1 Daily Trip: 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM

 Seniors (over 65)
 Kids (11 & under)
 $60.00 $35.00


 Rod Rentals
 Bait Pools
 $5.00No charge, except for whole
sandworms during weakfish season
 Available & Optional

Fishing Schedule:

Please note that due to annual changes to season length, size, and bag limits on several species (fluke, sea bass, blackfish), these dates are general guidelines only. Always check our home page or our fishing report for the most up to date information on what we're fishing for.

Late March through May:

Flounder season opens in late March. Fishing for this species in the nearby rivers and bay is a nice short ride which means more fishing time. Early in the season we concentrate on river fishing, then later in the season we move out into the bay along with the bigger fish. We switch over to fishing for striped bass or bottom species like ling and sea bass once the flounder have left the vicinity.

May through September:

Fluke fisherman depend upon the SEA TIGER II for New Jersey's most popular fish, the fluke (summer flounder). Fluke fishing means plenty of fun for the entire family, so whether it's a short or a keeper, you are sure to have a great time fishing.

Late September through Late December/Early January:

Once the shorter days and cooler weather set in, it's time for bottom fishing. Our local inshore reefs, wrecks & hard bottoms hold a variety of species. Porgy & sea bass are our first targets, with blackfish (tog, tautog) & ling (red hake) rounding out the catch starting in mid-November. With liberal limits on several species, there will be plenty of fish to take home.